Strong Job Placement Cell in Montage training & Certification (Bangladesh) after completion The Training job placement cell provide the employment in home and abroad. Montage has been perceived that one of the main strategies of vocational/skill development training that 75% -85% of the skill trained graduates will be provided viable and decent jobs through wage and self – employment. Montage has developed job Placement Cell which is aiming to Play a Vital role for skill development training graduates, apprentices to the people of the catchments area and others option of the organization working with labor migration inside of country and abroad. The placement Cell officers holds surveys to identify the targeted workplace / industries/ construction firm/recruiting agencies/factories for job placement of the graduates and Employers (Data base) profile. The placement cell officers collect the demand of the employers and will match the demand and supply sides of the labor market through the provision of human resource information, job placement and maintenance services including tracing of jobs (data base). Montage usually arranges special days / weeks for job hunting as well as establishes networking of potential employers through individual/group meeting. Montage provides employment support services through the placement cell officers to the skill development training graduates to place in wage & self-employment directly. After a certain period of 3/6, months apprenticeship by creating good liaison and relation with employers and make follow-up to observe the employment situation (if any) and assess the compliance issues of employers and the employed graduates.

Montage keeps close contacts and good relationship with the potential and existing employers of different formal and informal sectors. There is a limited scope for industrial attachment of the trainees of the short-termed courses. Montage keeps linkage / network with the concerned national and international employers for:

> Bangladesh Association of international Recruiting Agency (BAIRA)
> Identifying the needs of the training to meet the updated demand of the employers
> Collaboration work with employers and employee
> Conduction of meeting. workshop job fair seminar with employers
> Established Employers Committee
> Industry visits for employment
> Maintaining close contacts with the employers to visit the training institute